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"Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable."
~Mary Oliver

Birds are singing a little differently, and you can smell spring in the air. It is so full of promises. I can’t wait to wake up early to go outside in the garden ALL DAY and plant! I am busy making plans for out there and how I can give it an even more cottagey look while keeping the deer and rabbits away from my veggies! Do you garden? What are your plans for this year?

This month on the blog and Instagram. I will share my garden progress as I go. We will do another post for the spring planting series, and a tour of our greenhouse, filled with seedlings and pots of pansies and tulips and everything else! Plus a new recipe is coming.

I took a few weeks off with updating the shop weekly for Easter and getting the garden going but another update is coming very soon. I've been working on a little rabbit hill village of textile garden houses. and they are so sweet. I could move right in. They have a little surprise too!

Oh boy, how I love this time of year! Wishing you a very happy hope-filled month.
xoxo Jenn

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