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June! My birthday month! Wild roses and honeysuckle blooms always remind me of birthday's past. My sister and I were both born in June and always had parties together at my grandfather's cabin with lots of family and friends around...good memories and scents of wild roses, honeysuckle (and the Allegheny River) will always tug at my heart. Are there any flowers that do that for you?

This little newsletter is a bit late because both Dino and I had Covid. I think I was astounded by the fatigue that comes with it. Usually I have a hard time sitting down and to actually need to rest in the middle of the day really surprised me. We are still recovering but every day is a better day.

Monthly Jobs and Updates:
For the shop, I am back to finishing the little miniature flower stitcheries in vases that I started in May. I also have a few house and garden stitcheries that you might have seen on instagram. Since it is now June 16, they will not be finished until later next week.

In the garden, the little flower and vegetable seedlings are doing well. I am quite behind here also and have completely nixed the cutting garden (for right now). The tomatoes are loving our hot humid weather, unfortunately my roses are not. I am constantly fighting black spot and aphids, but think I have found something that works really well and is approved for organic gardening, and safe for people and pets. (Message me if you are interested in more info) The courtyard is finished and another added raised bed has been added for herbs and leafy greens. It is much closer to the kitchen and softens the entire area. I love having my basil so close!

This month on the blog and Instagram, again I am a little behind, I hope to post about the kitchen DIY before the end of the month. If you follow me on Instagram, I am pretty consistent there and have shared pictures, a few recipes for rhubarb, the finished courtyard, and always the three kitties!

The house and studio shed have had mini-makeovers with all of the bedrooms being painted and revamped. The studio is now a bunkie with the addition of an antique Jenny Lind daybed. This is for Lydia when we have overflow houseguests and she has to give up her bedroom. Maybe I will try and blog about that too. (I do have a video reel on instagram of this also if you want to peek)

Well, I think that is about it! Keep love in your heart always, and remember:

"In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt."
~Margaret Atwood

xo Jenn

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