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"If something very pleasant should happen now, we should think it a delightful month," said Beth, who took a hopeful view of everything, even November.

~Little Women, Louisa May Allcott

November has soul...
When the early hours of my day are by flickering candlelight, when the first snowflakes fall, when cozy winter fires burn to warm up the dark months, when spiced teas, coffee and hot apple cider (with a touch of caramel vodka if it pleases you) are always on the stove, when Thanksgiving feasts and family gatherings are dearest, when feelings of Christmas are near, it is November. So meaningful and settling. How wonderful it is.

This month I am already thinking and dreaming about Christmas, sharing simple ideas to make it an undemanding and easy Christmas season. You will find a bit of the handmade, and beautiful simplicity of time worn traditional decorating, and (hopefully) much inspiration here on the blog.

Look for handmade updates in my etsy shop...old fashioned Santas, folky seasonal stitcheries, garden angels and primitive snowmen, plus the new limited edition little blue cabin piece too!

Here's to finding pleasant days, and a delightful month!
Be safe, be well, and always be happy.

Jenn xo

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