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"In February there is everything to hope for and nothing to regret."
~Patience Strong

Coming back to my monthly newsletter after a little break here and on social media. We sure did have a simple Christmas and had to make it an undemanding season at home this year. We have a dear older friend that fell before the holiday and needed help. After 5 weeks he is home and managing rehab, thank goodness! I have come to realize that life is about so much more than having it all together. It's okay to procrastinate on chores and maybe just bake something and watch the snow fall.
Slow down, connect with loved ones, and relax a little.

That being said, this month I will be easing back into everything. Doing a bit of slow stitching and making springtime vintage quilt hearts with cottage flowers appliqued and stitched on them. They are almost finished and will be in my etsy shop in a few days. Speaking of hearts, you can also look for a post on how to bake the easiest valentine cookie for your sweetheart. I've already tested them on Dino. His love language is peanut butter - wink wink!

Besides baking, I have been escaping to my studio shed to read more and am rereading "The Secret Garden". Have you read it? Such a great story. If you can't garden, then reading about making a garden is the next best thing.
"He laughed and came back to the log and began to talk about the flower seeds again.
He told her what they looked like when they were flowers, he told her how to plant them, and watch them, and feed and water them.
"See here, he said suddenly, turning round to look at her. "I'll plant them for thee myself. Where is tha' garden?" (Hodgson Burnett 88)
Embrace this cold winter season, besides cozying up inside, there is so much beauty outside. Choose to look for it and you will find it! Have a delightful month my friends. Be safe, be well, and always be happy.

Jenn xo

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