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"There are always flowers for those who want to see them"
~Henri Matisse

May magic! The month to do "all things".
The air in my garden is thick and dewy with the scent of lilacs and honeysuckles. Birds are singing so loudly in the morning that they wake me from sleep. There are so many blossoms blooming I can hardly stand it. May is really one of the most joyful months out of the year.

This month on the blog and Instagram, I will share my garden progress as I go. I'll have a post on how to make your home a little more cottage looking for spring and summer, and there is always a new recipe...this one is for Cinco de Mayo.

For the shop during this "want to do everything spring season" I have taken a few weeks off from updating. The little flower and vegetable seedlings are crying out for me to plant them! Please Mother Nature cooperate! Mulch was picked up and it's sitting in a large pile behind the garage, waiting for the blossoms to drop. All of the boxwood hedges have been trimmed and bulbs have been separated and replanted. Love waking up early these days and getting out there!

On the weekends we visit the Little Blue Cabin and have finally started working on it again! We have a wall! I'll share that soon too!

During the in-between times when it's raining or cold, I have been sewing a wee rabbit hill village garden houses in my little studio shed, while listening to Erin French's new book "Finding Freedom: A Cook's Story; Remaking a Life from Scratch". If you haven't watched "The Lost Kitchen" yet then, oh my are you in for a treat!

How I love this time of year! It's May magic! The month to do "all things".
xoxo Jenn

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