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Hello...and thank you for stopping by today. I have started working on another little update, but just can't seem to find the time to finish it. May was such a crazy busy month. June always slows down around here and will finish everything soon! The garden is still calling me, and I have another project in the works for Rabbit Hill. You can read all about it on my blog.
Wishing you a beautiful month ahead.
~ Jenn

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Rabbit Hill Blog

Rabbit Hill Farmhouse Finds?

Hi everyone! I have a question to ask you, but first, I am sorry that I have been pretty quiet on my blog these last few weeks.  The month of May has been pretty crazy. We have been helping Lydia decide a major, prep for SATs, and thinking about what colleges to visit this summer.  […]

Small Spaces, Happy Places

April 17th, still snowing. This was my instagram story today: Lydia and I are patiently waiting to start on a little garden project.  We bought this greenhouse for Lydi’s birthday (Which I will get to use too!) Between the snow and a tree that needs to come down, we have patiently been waiting to build […]

Spring thoughts

Good morning friends! We woke up to sunshine and a beautiful spring morning today.  The birds were singing happy songs and daffodils are blooming their yellow flower heads off.  It’s going to be a great day. This past weekend, I was in Lancaster County, PA. I am always so inspired and recharged when I visit […]

Spring Update Next Week ~ Monday March 12 6:30 pm

While there are snow flurries today, the days are growing longer here in PA, and there are many signs that Spring is not too far off. Hellebores and snowdrops are blooming in full force, while the witch hazel blossoms give off the most heavenly scent! Daffodils poking their heads up through the dirt, and buds […]

Enjoy the Little Things

Part 3 of our cabin story.  You can find part 1 here, and part 2 here  May We both are crazy! We have just met with the sales man and pretty much committed to a cabin. Crazy! That is what we keep telling each other.  We have a teenager who is going to college soon, […]

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