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Happy March and happy spring! Although it is not the normal kind of spring, I hope that we can find a little happiness in the promise that it brings. I am planting sweet pea seeds today, and a few other things. What are you doing to keep busy right now?

For those asking, Lydia is home from California to finish her spring quarter here. It was crazy trying to get everything worked out with such very short notice. Thanking God for family and friends out west who helped so much in getting her home. We love you all! Now like many, we are waiting for 2 weeks before we see anyone to make sure that she didn't bring anything with her that we don't want to spread.

This month, I am working on a few more textiles pieces. (See "Pretty Spring Things" blog post for a glimpse at one of them.) I have a few other changes coming later this spring too....once things start feeling normal again. You can also find me on Early Work Mercantile the first of every month at 8:00 am eastern time. Please don't forget to SIGN UP FOR MY NEW MAILING LIST AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE. This will keep you informed of any updates I have. My old email address has caused some issues and I had to start a new mailing list. (Also note that my new email is: jenntavoletti@gmail.com)

Thank you always for you kindness and friendship.
Be safe, be well, and be happy!
Jenn xo

“I am still continuing to build this space of mine. Sometimes I need a little pause for what is going on, but I want this to be a happy place for ideas and inspirations.  To work at my own pace with creating. I hope you will keep on visiting me.  I can honestly say that the greatest joys in my life are not the things I own, but the relationship I have with God, my  family, and friends – near and far.”  ~ Jenn Tavoletti

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Pretty Spring Things

That is all I am thinking about today. I am not going to listen to the news, just to worry about something that I have no control over. I find comfort in praying and keeping my mind busy. Having faith over fear. We all know that stress and worry are not good for our bodies. […]

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I was looking at pictures while we were sick last week and thinking back to our visit with Dino’s cousins.  They live on Maui. It was one of our most favorite vacations ever.  We were so lucky to experience Maui life through local eyes.  We hiked, surfed, and snorkeled off of rocky beaches.  We foraged […]

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The Sunday Drive

My mom has told me many stories about my grandfather.  A lot of them are about when he would take the family on long drives while she was growing up. (I think that is how they found the town were they built their cabin.) My grandfather would tell my mom and Uncle Jimmy to get […]

Small Batch Applesauce

Every Fall I go into this little crazy nesting phase, where I want to preserve and freeze everything.  Do you do that? Homemade applesauce is one of those things that just changes my world.  Seriously, maybe not my world, but it is yummy!  We have a little orchard near our cabin, and every autumn I […]

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