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Springtime and sunshine...and showers too! We've had a lot of those, but we do live in Pittsburgh (tied second in the country with Portland for dreariest cities). Living here most of my life, it doesn't seem that dreary and I miss the rain when we are in sunny California.

It is a normal kind of spring as far as the weather goes, but things are definitely not normal when you have to go pick up groceries or to the bank. With no plants to buy (except for everything that has roots from Trader Joes ;) ) I have been mail ordering and planting a ton of seeds. It sure brings a lot of hope seeing those little seeds sprout!
(I am finishing up a little blog post after this on an easy way of planting seeds, if you are interested.)

Lydia is home from California to finish her spring quarter here. It was crazy trying to get everything worked out with such very short notice. Thanking God for family and friends out west who helped so much in getting her home. We love you all!

Dino is working from home and has his "office" in our basement. It's been working out okay for him and he likes the commute.

I am trying to work too, but it has been hard. I can't seem to find my grove with a working schedule. For me, I need hours to lose myself in work and all I feel the need to do is nest and make home a happy place. I have projects started, but when I pick them up, I can't seem to focus on them so then I do something else. I keep saying to myself that the Lord will direct my steps. #trust

I have a few new things coming later this year, once things start feeling normal again. My friend from 1824 Walker Farmhouse is helping me create a Rabbit Hill candle that is all about the special stuff that make me happy. Luckily we met a week before this all started and she knows what I am looking for. The other addition to my website will be Pennsylvania finds. I have been stock piling pretty things to sell on here from estate sales. I just can't keep it all LOL! I thought about doing an etsy shop, but really want to keep it right here for now. Lastly, you can still find me on Early Work Mercantile the first of every month (mostly) at 8:00 am eastern time.

Please sign up for my NEW mailing list at the bottom of this page if you have a moment. This will keep you informed of any updates I have. My old email address has caused some issues and I had to start a new mailing list. (Also note that my new email is: jenntavoletti@gmail.com)

Thank you always for you kindness and friendship.
Be safe, be well, and be happy!
Jenn xo

“I am still continuing to build this space of mine. Sometimes I need a little pause for what is going on, but I want this to be a happy place for ideas and inspirations.  To work at my own pace with creating. I hope you will keep on visiting me.  I can honestly say that the greatest joys in my life are not the things I own, but the relationship I have with God, my  family, and friends – near and far.”  ~ Jenn Tavoletti

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