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Hello! Happy December! Happy Christmas! Thank you always for stopping by. I am finally back to sewing a little, but mostly for shows. Next year will be a bit easier. I will have more frequent updates on here as well. We have been filling out college and scholarship applications for Lydia, and Dino has torn apart our bathroom right down to the studs. I'm hoping it will be finished by Christmas :) Please add your name to my email list for updates (when they do happen). I always post regularly on Facebook and Instagram. How have you all been? I truly appreciate you coming back to visit me after this long break I have taken.It is a wonderful time of year, isn't it? Wishing you a beautiful month, and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 2019 ~ how did that happen?. All of my best to you dear friends! xo Jenn

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1-Hour Vegan Pot Pie

Oh my! You have to try this recipe.  It is from the “Minimalist Baker” and it’s the best! Dino’s a carnivore. Lydia’s a vegan.  I hover somewhere in between.  I hate making separate meals for everyone so I try and create something that meat can be added in later while cooking. It’s not hard to […]

Grandma’s Banana Cake

Last week my mom gave me an old banana cake recipe she had from my Grandma. She actually got it off of my sister who said she’s had it for a while. It was with some old photos my aunt gave her when grandma passed away. As I was making this cake I imagined my […]

Fall Front Porch

Last week I finally decorated our front porch.   We have had the warmest fall that I can remember ~ close to 90 and so humid!  For those of you who do not know, I live in Pennsylvania and this is very unusual.  Finally last Thursday the weather broke, and it started to feel like fall. […]

Rabbit Hill Farmhouse Finds?

Hi everyone! I have a question to ask you, but first, I am sorry that I have been pretty quiet on my blog these last few weeks.  The month of May has been pretty crazy. We have been helping Lydia decide a major, prep for SATs, and thinking about what colleges to visit this summer.  […]

Small Spaces, Happy Places

April 17th, still snowing. This was my instagram story today: Lydia and I are patiently waiting to start on a little garden project.  We bought this greenhouse for Lydi’s birthday (Which I will get to use too!) Between the snow and a tree that needs to come down, we have patiently been waiting to build […]

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