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Reflecting back on this last year, one thing that the pandemic has taught me is that all I need is at home. If we are not happy at home, when will we ever be happy? This is the new normal. It is slow living.

Slow living is taking time to live, time to share. We can live a different way. We can be content. It is not about what we own, or what we do, it’s about being fully satisfied with what we already have. It is about intentionally taking the time to enjoy life. We should celebrate small victories and simple joys along the way. True joy comes from being present and taking the time to enjoy life now, not later. Be okay with the simple things. Be okay with home.

The pandemic is showing me there is a more fulfilling way to live. Being closer to God, being closer to family and friends, being closer to nature. Not placing worth in things. This is the new way. Simpler and more sustainable, pulling back from what society tries to tell me. I am learning small joys are what I need, and to actively choose joy every day!

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by this tiny star of a website within this vast web and read my blog, purchased a little piece of textile work, left me a kind comment, and became my friend. You are all so supportive and wonderful and I appreciate it so much!

Happy New Years from my home to yours! Cheers!!

“I love working on this little space, trying to keep it a happy place for ideas and inspiration. Sometimes I need a brief pause, to work at my own pace with creating but after 15 years, I truly love this life that I have here and the relationships I have formed over the years.  I can honestly say that my greatest joys are not the things I own, but what is in my heart ~ the Lord, my family and friends (near and far) …and maybe a few kitties too!”  ~ Jenn Tavoletti

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