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Sunflowers are blooming, and the sun is shining. As I sit here writing, out my window I can see goldfinches, titmouse, and cardinals flying around enjoying their seeds in the heat of the summer. All the while two tiny hummingbirds are each taking their turn at the feeder while the other rest in my serviceberry tree. My little sidekick Iris is sitting beside me and all is good. I find comfort in these beautiful moments while everything else in the world is turned upside down.

I am working hard to find my grove again. Sketching ideas and sewing little bits. Always looking for inspiration from the Lord to keep going. Sometimes I have to look really hard, but He always shows me the way. I'm so thankful for this, and for all of you that visit me here when I have no offerings. Your kindness and friendships mean so much to me.

Here's to finding simple joys this month!
Be safe, be well, and be happy.

Jenn xo

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“I am still continuing to build this space of mine. Sometimes I need a little pause for what is going on, but I want this to be a happy place for ideas and inspirations.  To work at my own pace with creating. I hope you will keep on visiting me.  I can honestly say that the greatest joys in my life are not the things I own, but the relationship I have with God, my  family, and friends – near and far.”  ~ Jenn Tavoletti

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