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It is an early October morning and I am at our little cabin in the woods. It is still dark outside and there is a fire in the wood stove. The room feels warm and cozy with my little cat Ollie curled up on the sofa beside me purring. The wind is lightly blowing through the tall trees around us, and I can hear a few early morning roosters from the farm across the hill. The only light is the glow from the fire. These are the moments when I could sit here forever. Such peace the mornings bring.

Then so quickly the light comes and it is time for tea. I feel the urge to get right to things because within that early morning peace, I find so much inspiration. This month I hope you will find a little bit of peace and inspiration here. Look for a new post every Wednesday starting on October 15th. I am sharing simple things that you can take away to cozy up your home for the autumn and winter seasons.

Also, I plan on freshening up and bringing back to life my shop page. Look for new sewing and knitted pieces, good homey smelling seasonal candles, and favorite antique treasures that I have found along the way.

As always, your kindness and friendship mean so much.
Happy October!
Be safe, be happy, and be well.

Jenn xo

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“I am always working on this little space, trying to keep it a happy place for ideas and inspiration. Sometimes I need a brief pause, to work at my own pace with creating but after 15 years, I truly love this life that I have here and the relationships I have formed over the years.  I can honestly say that my greatest joys are not the things I own, but what is in my heart ~ God, family, and friends, near and far…and maybe a few kitties too!”  ~ Jenn Tavoletti

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